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December 24, 2015
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New and Exciting!

Stay Classy Las Vegas - Swatch by Scandalous N' Sassy. Last year's special Las Vegas nail polish

Stay Classy Las Vegas - Swatch by Scandalous N' Sassy. Last year's special Las Vegas nail polish

Hello dearest people!
Yes, I know I haven’t written a thing in way too long… But I promise you – it is not because I have forgotten about you, nor it is because I got tired or anything. Oh no!
The last year was crazy full with things. Some were just the boring, regular adult things like my job and family stuff needed to be taken care of.
But other things were quite exciting really!

For start – I decided to create a local sister to Superficially Colorful: a new brand, all Israeli, all in Hebrew!
It’s called Ketsefקצף – which means foam, froth, fizz in Hebrew. As you can see, the Hebrew word is only 3 letters long and is very easy to pronounce. Unlike Superficially Colorful, which is very hard for Israelis to spell or say…
Ketsef also focuses in all the other things that I do in addition to nail polish. Natural hand made soaps, in bars and liquid forms. Natural body care like lotions, pilling, balms and more. And of course – mineral cosmetics – nail polish, lip products and pressed make up!
Although my Hebrew website is already on-line (http://ketsef.co.il), it is still pretty empty I’m afraid, because sadly, my day only has 24 hours to it.
Pretty soon however, this will change!

What will happen to Superficially Colorful you ask? To be honest, I don’t yet know. I am not going to bury it just yet! It will still be up and running as usual, until I decide otherwise. But honestly, I have no such plans at the moment 😉
So Ketsef will be for those who speak Hebrew and will offer shipping within Israel only, while SCLacquer will remain English speaking and Internationally shipped. I do hope to have just one site in both languages one day, but it is not on my current to-do list.

Also, while Ketsef will have all my new products soon, SCLacquer will continue to carry only Nail Polish and Manicure Fizzies, and maybe a random Soap product. If you are not from Israel but would like to purchase any product from Ketsef – email me or contact me otherwise and we can easily arrange it!

Another thing I would like to let you know about is my coming vacation. It is very near! In fact, I will be gone within 3 days! YES!!!
I will be traveling to the USA once again, and we can meet at the Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, July 24 – July 26.
Sadly, this year I will not be able to travel, and basically I will only be in Las Vegas. But it still is a vacation, it still is a lot of fun and I am so looking forward to meeting the amazing people who will come too!

Actually, this vcation was completely spontaneous and wasn’t arranged ahead. It just happened one evening while speaking with my bestie Gosia whom you probably know from Life In Color! We were speaking about the events and about who’s going to be there, and I was just letting my fingers wonder the keyboard, and they ended getting me to El-Al website, the largest Israel airline company. So I was looking around at flights options and all of a sudden I realized that the entire month of July has all the flights in a certain price, except one date, where the price dropped in almost $200 for one direction.
I don’t know why there was this drop, but it was exactly 3 days before the Las Vegas event!!!

Well, if this is not a sign, I don’t know what is.
I ended up ordering this flight and the rest is about to become my vacation! 😀

So due to the very last minute arrangements, I will not be able to bring a lot of stuff with me. This sadly means I will not be able to bring samples or other products to share all over. But it doesn’t mean I can’t have my own special LE polish, right?
Well, I can’t uncover this polish just yet. I think it is only fair that it will be presented in Las Vegas first. But since I am not able to bring too many bottles with me, I will have it listed in the shop when I am back!

Hopefully, I will be writing some more and telling you all about the exciting things I am going to see and do in Las Vegas, when I return. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, have the most wonderful weekend, and if you are, too , coming to Vegas – let’s meet!

*The photo in this post features last year’s LE Vegas polish – Stay Classy Las Vegas, swatched (and reviewed) by the AMAZING, Scandalous N’ Sassy Christina! ❤️‍

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