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Who am I

I’m Adi, a redhead, no-age girl from Israel (<– the country). If you don’t speak Hebrew, I very much doubt you can pronounce my name properly. So feel free to call me Jin. Much easier to pronounce, and it is a nickname I am used to anyway. It’s short for Jinjit – the Hebrew word for a redhead girl.

I am an internet programmer by day and an avid nail-art googler at night. I live in Israel, a place where most trends and hot stuff arrive a year after they break throughout the world. Thankfully, I know the internet pretty well. Because my passion is all things nail polish and if I had to count on the local market to satisfy my passion I wouldn’t go far… The local market, when it comes to nail polish, is one of the most boring things ever. No new stuff, no hot trends, no affordable good polish… nothing. Very disappointing really.

When I first learned of the international nail polish community, sometime in mid-2011, I felt like a whole new world had opened to me. My own little blog went live in March of 2012. I was actually very hesitant about it, but somehow it survived to see another year, and then I decided to put some more into this fun hobby. First only as some sort of personal little game, but when I first got a bottle of nail polish base, I started creating some fun stuff and gifted it to friends. Over time, some of my really good friends talked me into starting to sell some of my little creations…

This blog is my private little stage for my nail art learning experience, and a place where I can share my own colorful creations with others. Whether it is my new fresh manicure – or my newly mixed nail polish! It’s all about color actually. Adding color to your life! I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do.