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    Thermal Nail Polish

    There are many rumors and opinions about what one should expect out of these exciting color-changing polishes. Some are true but some are not so true. So I figured I will write a little post to clarify some of these issues.
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    The Box Of Hope

    The Lighthouse of Hope box is a special box of very limited edition polishes from myself and 7 other wonderful indie makers. This box will be available for purchase November 16 at noon EST at the Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer shop only.
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    What People Say

    • Lacky
      Perfect formula and great color!
      The Sacred Tsaheylu
    • Tara
      Order arrived quickly after shipping and the color is gorgeous! Definitely plan on buying more colors from the collection soon.
    • Rosalynn
      Beautiful color, great formula. So pretty.
      Hot Italian Lady
    • Tina
      Listless is one of the best thermals I have tried! Not only does it transition really well, the color combo is is inspired! LOVE it!
      Listless (thermochromic)
    • casandra
      Great polish as always. Impressive formula!
      Listless (thermochromic)
    • Jill
      Lovely and sparkly. A little thick, but easy to apply.
      Meditative (thermochromic)
    • Gisele
      This is one of the best polishes I own! Not only because of the shift in color (which is wonderfully distracting and an awesome affect) but formula wise, it goes on smooth and lasts for awhile - impressive for my chip-prone nails. I will absolutely be ordering from this place again!
      Serene (thermochromic)
    • Kellie
      The colours go together so well, and this polish goes on great, smooth and no problems, the trasition between purple and pink its just mind blowing, if you are considering buying a Thermal for the first time, then id 100% suggest you buy Giggly, you will not be disappointed.
      Giggly (thermochromic)
    • Emilie
      It's awesome! Really works, color is great! :)
      Giggly (thermochromic)
    • Connie
      WOW! What a gorgeous polish! I love the bottle too! Soooo glad I didn't let this one get by me! Thanks ever so much!!!
      Giggly (thermochromic)
    • Shelly
      The colors are not only gorgeous but the warm/cold change happens so easily. SCL thermals are the very best I've tried so far!
      Giggly (thermochromic)
    • Tina
      Not only is this a gorgeous polish, I have nothing else like it in my sizable stash, and that is saying something!
      Cape Cliffs
    • alcmejia
      Love it!
      Meditative (thermochromic)
    • Michaela
      I love your thermal colour-changing polishes so much. The shimmer is stunning and they are very sensitive to temperature change. Best ones I have tried for sure! xoxo
      Meditative (thermochromic)