Acting the Maggot, Shamrockin'
Acting The Maggot
February 21, 2015
Stouting, Shamrockin'
February 21, 2015
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Boxing The Fox

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Boxing The Fox is a silvery green holographic polish that is like an orchard worth robbing.

Definition of the term: Robbing an Orchard.

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Boxing The Fox is part of the Sham-Rockin’ collection, St. Patrick’s day 2015.
As you know, Shamrock is the young sprigs of the clover that symbolize St. Patrick’s Day. In Irish slang, Sham is a friend, mate, dude. And according to the Urban Dictionary Shamrocking has several meanings but my favorite is yelling out loud and crying when you lose at a game you suck horribly at. So this is my collection: a game of shades, finishes and words based on Irish slang.
This collection does not characterize in a certain finish. It includes holographic polishes, jelly and glitter finishes.

All the names are taken from the traditional Irish slang and the definition of each name is stated under it’s description.



.4 fl oz. / 12ml

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