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Freesia Mini Mani Fizz

$ 2.00

These are very small fizzing. Each star is approximately 1″ /2cm in size, but its still loaded with wonderful oils, salt and the delicate scent of the freesia flower.
You will receive a celo bag with 5 fizzes that you can use either one by one or throw a couple to your bowl.

Ingredients List:
Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Cream of Tartar, Body safe mica, Polysorbate 80, Fine Sea Salt, Hamamelis Virginiana extract, Fragrance Oil.

  • Vegan Friendly – Does not contain animal products or animal by-products.
  • Each bag of 5 fizzes weight about 1oz / 30gr

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My bombs and fizzies are hand-made, loaded with Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil and rich Avocado Oil, to add moisture and softness to your hands and cuticle areas.
Each bomb or fizzie is made separately, which may cause every one to look a little bit different than the others.

Freshly ground spices, clay, salts, herbs or flowers are added to each bomb, to magnify the scent and add that little extra to the looks and feel of the bombs.

Every mani bomb is in-fact a smaller version of a bath bomb and you can certainly switch between them!

How to use: For a mani soak, simply fill a bawl with lukewarm water, drop the fizzie into the water and let fizz for a few seconds. Then soak your hands (or feet) for about 10 minutes. Than rub your hands together to let the oils and butter soak into your skin. Rinse lightly and dry your hands.

For a lush bath, fill your bath tub with warm water, drop a fizzie into the water and let it fizz for  few seconds. Enter the tub, lay back and close your eyes. Breath deeply and enjoy.
After your soak it is recommended to rub your skin and let it absorb the oils and butters, rinse lightly and wipe your skin with a light towel.

Information regarding allergy reaction: While I use the best quality ingredients and I use delicate and natural oils meant to sooth and moisture your skin, an allergy or sensitivity reaction may still occur. Please read carefully through the ingredients list of each item and feel free to contact me with any question or concern.

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